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Westcliff School Coach - Route C Timetable 


Ingatestone – Alms Houses bus stop


Ingatestone – Roman Road, Seymour Field bus stop


Stock Road - bus stop nr Potash Road


Stock Road – Mayflower bus stop


Stock Road – Headley Road bus stop


Stock Road – bus stop opp St. John’s school


High Street – bus stop Chequers


Chapel Street bus stop


Southend Road, bus stop Weir Wynd Southbound


Southend Road, bus stop Outwood Common Road


Southend Road, bus stop Coxes Farm Road


South Wash Road, bus stop Noak Bridge


Arrive at Westcliff High Schools


The bus leaves Westcliff High Schools at 15.45 pm.  The return journey takes approximately 45 minutes.

The pick up at Westcliff High School is in the layby directly outside the front of the school.  
Westcliff High School for Girls    Westcliff High for Boys    Southend High for Boys
Kenilworth Gardens                       Kenilworth Gardens           Prittlewell Chase
Westcliff on Sea                             Westcliff on Sea                Southend on Sea
SS0 0BS                                         SS0 0BP